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Nisarg Oil & Gas Limited is a private organization focused on providing the resources necessary for global development and decarbonization. Our primary focus is on exploring, excavating, and trading oil and gas in the global market.


Nisarg Oil & Gas Limited - Shaping a Greener Future for All

Connecting People, Resources, and Progress, Building a Sustainable World Together.

At Nisarg Oil & Gas Limited, we operate in the exploration, excavation, and trading of oil and gas resources on a global scale. Our focus lies in unearthing fuels that are essential for important transitions towards a sustainable future.

With a strong commitment to environmental concerns and community services, we aim to make a positive impact on both the industry and the communities we serve.

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Social Impact And CSR Activities Offered by Nisarg Oil And Gas LTD.

Propose to support community service by providing medicines and vaccine immunization. In order to educate the people of Somaliland, the company has also planned on constructing elementary school facilities.

The company also plans to train and hire a team through their apprentice program for employment and labor work, which will help in local employment generation, urban development, and infrastructure development, like roads, schools, and hospitals, which are built around the site.

Local people are being trained and premiered so that their community is self-sufficient and can be hired for projects at their sites. The proposal to have community service has tutored and nurtured a more optimistic mindset for the people of Somaliland and is impacting their development more constructively.