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Nisarg Oil & Gas Limited is a private organization focused on providing the resources necessary for global development and decarbonization. Our primary focus is on exploring, excavating, and trading oil and gas in the global market.


An integral part of Nisarg’s operations and management and has been a key driver of the fund’s growth, diversification, and value creation both within India and internationally. His rich and diversified experience of 20 years in mining, financial expertise, and people management capabilities led him to multiple businesses and promotions.

An enthusiastic and energetic management graduate plays vital roles in several companies like Nisarg Ispat Private Limited and Euro Pratik Ispat (India) Private Limited.

Mr. Mahendra Goenka steered the creation of the biggest iron ore beneficiation plant in central India named Geomin Industries Private Limited and further onto setting up a new venture, Dhanwantari Global Limited in Somaliland.

His entrepreneurial spirit as an inspiring leader visualized the growth of our company.


Mr. Prashant Singh is an engineer by profession with a vast experience in the field of mining industry and expertise in geological exploration over two decades.

He has been in the iron industry, ore industry, ore extraction, coal, and precious metal elicitation through their growth journeys. He is instrumental in execution and has also led various companies in India and abroad.

Apart from leveraging his experience, Mr. Prashant Singh continues to shoulder responsibility in Somaliland through the initiatives of the company.


A local partner always plays a significant role in building our organization.

As a result of his assistance, the mining area has become more explorable and suitable for mining.

His guidance has helped us know and connect with the people of Somaliland.

Furthermore, his impactful and hospitable nature has made Somaliland very adaptable to the company.

He is a well-known figure in Somaliland and was elected as a Member of Parliament from the Sanang region. He is also a member of various parliamentary committees of the Somaliland government.

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