Nisarg Oil & Gas Limited

Fueling the future Oil and Gas for a better tomorrow Nisarg Oil & Gas Limited, is a private organization focused on the resources the world needs to develop and decarbonize. Our primary focus is on exploring oil and gas, along with their excavation and trading in the global market. Nisarg Oil & Gas Limited is powered by dedicated professionals who are focused on discovering and responsibly developing leading positions in global oil and gas market. This industry platform shows the efforts of the mining industry towards sustainability by felicitating the mines that have performed better on the index of star ratings. It is a forum for discussion on recent policy initiatives, challenges, and opportunities being faced by the mining sector, with overall objective development. Nisarg Oil & Gas Limited has its focus basically on unearthing fuels, which fall under the category of important transitions. Nisarg Oil and Gas Industries provides various community services with a well-managed staff and environmental concerns. Nisarg’s core values serve as the foundation of our business and are essential to its success. From sharing best practices to protecting our employees and business partners, we know that top performance can only come when you commit to acting with integrity and character. Our purpose is to bring people and resources together to build a better world. We do this through our strategy to deliver long-term value and returns throughout the cycle.
Who we are

Nisarg Oil & Gas Limited - Where Values Lead to Success.

Connecting People, Resources, and Progress, Building a Sustainable World Together.

Nisarg Oil & Gas Limited is a private organization focused on providing the essential resources needed for global development and decarbonization. With a primary emphasis on exploring, excavating, and trading oil and gas in the global market, we are driven by a team of dedicated professionals.

We also serve as an industry platform that highlights the mining sector's efforts towards sustainability by recognizing mines that perform well on the star ratings index.

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Our Vision

Our vision at Nisarg Oil & Gas Limited is to be a global leader recognized for our contributions to meeting the world's resource needs in a sustainable manner. We aim to bring people and resources together to build a better world, where development and decarbonization go hand in hand.

Through our strategic approach and commitment to long-term value, we strive to shape a future where sustainability is at the forefront of resource exploration and utilization.

Our Strategy

Our strategy revolves around delivering long-term value and returns throughout the business cycle. We achieve this by maintaining a focus on responsible exploration, excavation, and development of oil and gas resources.

We strive to maintain leading positions in the global oil and gas market by leveraging the expertise of our dedicated professionals.

Our Approach

Our approach involves a focus on sustainability, community services, and environmental concerns. We pride ourselves on our well-managed staff and their commitment to serving the community and protecting the environment.

Our core values serve as the foundation of our business, driving us to share best practices, protect our employees and business partners, and act with integrity and character.