Nisarg Oil & Gas Limited, herein referred to as "the Company," is a privately-owned organization dedicated to the advancement of global resources for development and decarbonization. This disclaimer outlines the Company's mission, focus, values, and responsibilities, and should be read carefully before engaging with any of our services, platforms, or materials.

Mission and Focus:

The Company's primary focus revolves around exploring, excavating, and trading oil and gas on a global scale. Our efforts are propelled by a team of committed professionals who are dedicated to responsibly developing leading positions within the international oil and gas market. We recognize the significance of unearthing transitional fuels that are pivotal for the world's energy transition and crucial for sustainable development.

Sustainability and Community Services:

Nisarg Oil & Gas Limited is actively engaged in promoting sustainability within the mining industry. Our industry platform acknowledges mines that excel in star ratings, reflecting their commitment to sustainable practices. This platform also serves as a forum for in-depth discussions on recent policy initiatives, challenges, and opportunities within the mining sector. Our Company has a fundamental interest in driving overall sector development through these initiatives.

Environmental and Social Responsibility:

The Company acknowledges the importance of environmental conservation and social responsibility. We are dedicated to providing various community services that contribute positively to society, driven by a well-managed staff who prioritize environmental concerns. Upholding our core values, we aim to be a responsible corporate citizen, contributing to the welfare of the communities we operate in.

Commitment to Integrity and Character:

Nisarg Oil & Gas Limited recognizes the significance of acting with integrity and character in all our endeavors. Our core values, including sharing best practices, protecting employees and business partners, and promoting transparency, are the foundation of our business success. We are committed to fostering a culture of honesty, responsibility, and ethical conduct throughout our operations.

Our Purpose:

Our overarching purpose is to bring people and resources together to build a better world. Through our strategic approach, we seek to deliver long-term value and returns throughout economic cycles. Our commitment to responsible development and collaboration ensures that our endeavors have a meaningful and positive impact on the environment, communities, and stakeholders.


By engaging with Nisarg Oil & Gas Limited, users acknowledge their understanding of the Company's mission, values, and commitments outlined in this disclaimer. Users are encouraged to explore our services and platforms with the understanding that our efforts are aligned with sustainability, integrity, and long-term value creation.


For any inquiries, clarifications, or concerns related to this disclaimer, please contact us through the designated communication channels provided on our official platforms.

Effective Date:

This disclaimer is effective immediately and applies to all interactions and engagements with Nisarg Oil & Gas Limited.

Please note that this disclaimer is intended for informational purposes and should not be considered a legally binding document. Users are encouraged to consult legal professionals for specific legal requirements and concerns related to their interactions with Nisarg Oil & Gas Limited.